Martin & Manuela Grob


«Our movement is to inspire our team and to offer our customers a unique experience. What counts are individual values, authenticity and passion.»


Gentiana Basha

Senior Stylist

«A perfect hairstyle makes every day more beautiful and easy.»

Samira Hoti

Senior Stylist & Make-Up Artist

«As a young mother I know much a perfect haircut eases a stressful life.»

Erijona Coma


«I love to make people look beautiful.»

Rashid Yassin

Master Stylist

«Being able to follow my passion with heart and soul every day is the most beautiful thing to me.»

Lea Gysin

Stylist & Make-Up Artist

«I love the interplay of hair and make-up and thus to underline the individual beauty.»


Shania Schelling


Tenzin Osel Tashitsang


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